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Australian Visa Application Requirements

  1. Signed visa application form- Form 1419 for Tourist/ Form 1415 for Business trip.

  2. Photocopy of valid passport and previous passports, visas and immigration stamps.

  3. 2 pcs. Recent passport size photograph, plain background, with neutral face expression and name at the back.

  4. Proof of identity/ Relationship
    a) NSO Birth
    b) NSO Marriage certificate
    c) Photocopy of Professional Identification card

  5. Proof of Financial Solvency and your personal circumstances
    a) If employed, Employment certificate- stating your position, salary, and with attached approved leave of absence.
    b) If self- employed, Business registration and permit
    c) Recent Bank Certificate with bank statement
    d) Land titles and other evidence of properties or significant assets
    e) Income tax return

  6. If invited, Invitation letter, copy of the Passport bio page of the inviter with contact number, home address, and email address.

  7. If being sponsored, please secure the following from the sponsor/s:
    a) Notarized affidavit of support, or Statutory declaration
    b) Employment certificate, and
    c) Bank certificate of the sponsor/s.

  8. Hotel Booking Confirmation

  9. Flight Booking Certificate

The embassy may require further documentation if it deems it is necessary.

Visa Application Fee:   Php 5,600
Courier Service:          Php   500
Manager's Check fee:  Php     50
Far Travel Service Fee: Php 2,800
Total:                         Php 8,950 per applicant, non refundable

Processing time: Minimum of 1 month

Fees and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
Processing time may also vary.

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