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Czech Visa Application Requirements

  1. Application Form.
  2. Travel document / Passport.
    - Passport should be valid for at least 90 days after the intended departure from Schengen. It shall contain at least two blank pages, it should have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  3. One (1) recent photograph.
    - Photo size should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with a light-colored background. The photograph must be pasted/glued on the designated space on the upper right side corner of the first page of the application form.
  4. Accommodation Confirmation.
  5. Official Bank Certificate (proof of financial means)

    must be supported by either:
    a. Copies of bank statements showing transaction history for the past 3 months
    b. copy of passbook showing transaction history

    The Official Bank Certificate must include a paragraph containing waiver of rights to release information to the Embassy of the Czech Republic - Visa Section. If this is not possible, a separate authorization letter addressed to the bank concerned must be produced, signed by the accountholder and acknowledged by the bank representative (whether by signature or by stamp), a copy of which must be submitted to the Embassy at the time of application.

  6. Roundtrip flight reservation / booking.
  7. Travel medical insurance.
  8. Personal Appearance
  9. Confirmed appointment
  10. Other documents to support the visa application such as:
    a. For employees: Certificate of Employment
    b. For business owners: Business papers (SEC/DTI Certification)
    c. For students: Certificate of Enrollment
    d. Leave Approval
  11. Notarized Authorization Letter for documents releasing.

* Further documentation may be requested at the time of application.

Processing time: Minimum of 5 working days
Visa Fee: EUR60 per applicant, non refundable, must be paid in prevailing PHP in official embassy exchange rate upon submission
Far Travel Service Fee: Php 2,800 per applicant non refundable

Fees and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
Processing time may also vary.

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