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Germany Visa Application Requirements

All the documents itemized below are to be submitted by the applicant.

  1. Your identity as a traveler: Your original passport, which must be valid for at least another 3 months upon the conclusion of the travel and must contain two empty pages and one Xerox copy of the passport, and further valid / invalid passports, and Two current passport pictures (Passport size, shirt with collar, not used in any other visa application before, white background)
  2. Your Visa application form: One fully completed application form signed by your own hand and completed by you and Declaration according to §§ 54 and 55 AufenthaltsG, fully completed and signed by your own hand
  3.  Your purpose of travel: Details regarding the travel destination and travel route, and Details regarding the means of travel for the outward - and return journey (details regarding the airline), proof of reservation of a round-trip ticket. And Hotel-voucher or confirmation of the hotel / guest house that the accommodation has already been paid for
  4.  Visa fee: 60Euro payable in Philippine Pesos (cash) at the current exchange rate
  5. The financial coverage of the cost of your travel and stay: Submission of your credit cards (copies thereof) (no debit cards) and accounts thereof for the previous six months or Statements of your account(s) for the previous six months, with a confirmation by the bank or Formal Obligation (original and a Xerox copy) according to §§ 66-68 of the German Residence Law, given by your host at the aliens authority “Ausländerbehörde”) in Germany that is responsible for his / her area of residence.
  6.  Your travel health insurance: Travel health insurance, which is valid for all Schengen-States and the full duration of stay for which the visa is applied for, with a minimum coverage sum of 30,000 Euros. Philippine insurances must be accredited and given in the original with a Xerox, German insurances are accepted as a Xerox, Fax or scan.
  7. Your rootedness in the Philippines: If you are employed: Proof of your employment, i.e. most recent income tax return, certificate of employment (including your employer’s full name, complete address and telephone number with area code details regarding your position or professional designation, income, duration of the working relationship; letter of approved leave of absence signed by your employer or If you are self-employed: proof of registration and commercial activity of your company in the Philippines, e.g. income tax returns, bank certificates, documents of the company accounts or other. Or If you are a pupil/student: School certificate / University certificate; proof of enrollment (for students), if applicable: letter of exemption from studies and If you own real estate property, e.g. original land title, deed of sale
  8.  Additional documents for children below age 18:
  9. Personal appearance of both parents (if residing in the Philippines) during submission of the visa application with valid ID (passport or driver's license)
  10. Original Birth Certificate of the child, issued by the National statistics Office /NSO on Security Paper (SECPA) and
  11. If traveling without both parents: Declaration of consent by the legal guardian(s), signed and certified, original and Xerox copy,  submitted before a Philippine notary public* certified by the DFA as well as Passports of the legal guardian(s) (original and Xerox copy of the data page) or Proof of legal custody (for minors with parents whose marriage was dissolved/ annulled) or Death certificate of the other parent or Certificate for the single mother (or see birth certificate of the child if born out of wedlock) and Travel Permit, issued by the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); please contact the DSWD for further information. The according proof should be carried along and submitted to the border control.
  12. *If the person(s) having care and custody of the child is resident abroad, a declaration of consent, given before the responsible German (honorary-) Consul must be submitted. If the person(s) having care and custody of the child live(s) in Germany, this declaration must be given before a German Notary public or the responsible aliens authority (Ausländerbehörde).
  13. Personal appearance for interview

The processing time is 1 (one) week from date of interview and may also vary.
Far Service Fee: Php 2,800 per applicant, non refundable

The embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents for further verification.

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