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Norway Visa Application Requirements

Please bring the original documents and provide the Embassy with clear photocopies. Do not staple the documents together.

  1. One (1) visa application form, which must be completely and properly filled-out and signed by the applicant (write in block letters and use black or blue ink only).
  2.  Two (2) identical, clear and coloured passport-sized photos (With white background; Must be taken within the last six months; Please do not staple the photos on the form).
  3. Valid passport (Must be valid at least 3 months from the end of the approved duration stay; Must contain at least 2 blank visa pages.)
  4. Photocopy of valid passport as well as old passports (Inside front cover containing holder’s personal information and photo; Inside back cover containing „Important reminders“, signature and other passport information.)
  5. Photocopy of all visas (valid and expired)
  6. For spouses or children (below 21 years old) of Swiss / EU / EFTA nationals, the following must also be submitted: photocopy of the marriage contract (spouse), birth certificate (child), family book or any other document proving relationship, which must be issued by a Schengen / EU / EFTA member country. A copy of the family member’s passport and/or ID card must also be provided. You are NO longer required to submit the documents enumerated below. In some cases, however, the Embassy still reserves the right to request for additional documentation.
  7. If employed: certificate of employment with leave of absence from the local company or organisation showing position, date of hiring, salary as well as date of return to work.
  8. If self-employed: proof of business (DTI/SEC registration, income tax return, financial statements)
  9. If still studying: proof of enrolment, leave of absence from school (if travelling while classes are ongoing)
  10. If travelling with spouse and/or children: marriage contract and birth certificate of the children
  11. Proof of financial resources of the applicant: latest bank statements showing cash flow from the last 3 months, bank books, latest international credit card statements (last 3 months), Income tax return
  12. For foreign nationals who have valid residence status in the Philippines: Submit one (1) copy of the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Re-Entry permit
  13. Computer printout of confirmed roundtrip air travel reservation (Do not yet buy an airline ticket. The Embassy cannot be held responsible for any financial losses in case you have to return a ticket.)
  14. Detailed day-to-day itinerary of planned trip / schedule of activities
  15. Proof of accommodation: booking confirmation / reservation containing the complete name and contact information of the hotel with hotel voucher
  16. If applicable, valid visa(s) for the country(-ies) of destination after leaving the SCHENGEN territory based on the planned itinerary.
  17. International travel insurance (May be purchased locally or in Switzerland; must have a coverage of at least EUR 30’000.-- / USD 50’000.-- / PHP 2.5M to cover expenses for personal accident, urgent medical treatment, urgent admission in a hospital or urgent repatriation on medical grounds; with coverage including ALL Schengen member states). The validity period of the insurance coverage must be for the entire duration of the intended stay including entry and exit day of the Schengen area.

VISA PROCESSING AND ISSUANCE: Five (5) working days up to four (4) weeks after filing date.
VISA PROCESSING FEE: Php 3600, non refundable and must be paid in cash. Please prepare the exact amount in Pesos only. There is no Visa fee for children who are below 6 years old.

*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
*Processing time may vary.


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