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USA Visa Requirements Checklist

  1. For On line Registration

    [ ] Bank Payment/Deposit Receipt with the Reference Number (if paid already)
    [ ] Valid passport copy
    [ ] Filled up Questionnaire Form (Please see attachment)
    [ ] Soft copy of 2x2 white background photo (To be uploaded to the online form)
    [ ] Old US visa copy (If applicable)

  2. B. During appointment date please bring the following:

    [ ] Original 2x2 photo with white background (the uploaded photo in DS160 form)
    [ ] Original valid passport (and old passports, if applicable)
    [ ] Evidence of Funds (Bank Certificates, Passbooks, Time Deposit Certificate, etc.)
    [ ] Current proof of income, tax payments, property or business ownership, or assets. (Latest ITR, Business Permits, Land Titles, etc.)
    [ ] Employment & Compensation Certificate detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed and authorized vacation. And payslips from the most recent three months.
    [ ] Proof of identity / relationship (NSO Birth Certificates & Marriage Contract)
    [ ] Paid Bank Payment/Deposit Receipt with the Reference Number
    [ ] Confirmed DS-160
    [ ] Appointment Confirmation
    [ ] Personal Appearance

Processing Time: Minimum of 7 working days after the interview
Visa Fee: Php 7,040 per applicant, non refundable, subject to change without prior notice
Far Travel Service Fee: Php 2,800 per applicant, non refundable

Additional documentation may be requested if further verification is needed.
Processing time may also vary.

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